Zemma Productions was formed in 2014 by Zach Marion and Emma Kragen during their final year of graduate film school at UCLA.

Zach Marion

Writer / Director / Producer

I am an LA transplant from Northern Minnesota with an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA and a BFA in Film Production from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I am two-time recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Directing Award.

Before moving to LA in 2012, I served as the Head of TV Development for Video Arts Studios in Fargo, North Dakota. While there, I produced Births Beyond Belief, an hour-long documentary on home-birth, which aired on Discovery Health and TLC.

My latest short film, Family Unit, screened as an official selection at LA Shorts Fest, the Hollywood Film Festival, and the Pasadena International Film Festival. The film reveals Extended Family Visits, weekend-long, highly-controlled conjugal visits at state prisons. The story is told through the perspective of a female inmate struggling to find intimacy with her husband before he must leave again.

I am currently in post-production on my first feature length film, a documentary about a woman searching for her daughter, who she believes was illegally adopted at birth.

Visit my personal website.

Emma Kragen

Cinematographer / Producer

I am an LA native with an MFA in Cinematography from UCLA and a BA in American Studies from UC Berkeley. I am a recipient of both the Motion Picture Association of America Award and the Lisa Wiegand Fellowship in Cinematography. I was featured in Variety's 110 Students to Watch in 2015. 

In 2014, I traveled to Antarctica with environmentalist Robert Swan and his organization, 2041, to film a short documentary and video blog for UCLA. I have also shot multiple films that were produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions and James Franco.

I was first introduced to the film industry when a book I wrote at age 7, The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, was made into a feature-length film in 2003. The book has since gone on to sell over 600,000 copies worldwide. In 2012, the film spawned a sequel distributed by Sony Pictures. During production of the first film, I shot a behind-the-scenes documentary that was included on the DVD. From this experience, I knew I wanted to make films.

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Seamus Grimsby

Post-Production Supervisor

I am an LA native who has worked in Post-Production for as long as I can remember, although, admittedly, I do oversee other elements of the process as well: from giving script notes to helping with camera prep.

I have been a member of Zemma Productions since 2017.